If an apple a day, keeps the doctor away…I am going to make The Scribblers eat so many apples that they poop applesauce. OK, so yeah…that was a little graphic, but that is how strongly I feel on the subject of doctor’s appointments right now.

Today I had to take all 3 Scribblers to the doctor. I’ll admit it was the lazy man’s load, but it seemed like a good idea at the time. OK, so maybe it never really seemed like a good idea, but more like ripping a band aid off really fast. Just do it and you are done.

About 20 minutes into it, when all 3 were screaming their wee heads off; I finally lost it and screamed out the “F” word.

French fries.

The oldest was subdued immediately at the prospect of some Mickey D goodness, the 2 year old was not quite convinced and continued wailing and the newbie has much to learn on the benefits of bribery and behavior.

All in all, it was a good appointment. The 4 year old is doing great and is in the 90th percentile for height (my little overachiever) and the 50th percentile for weight. Seems she is going to be my tall one. She didn’t get that from me seeing as I am just this side of a Smurf. Dad’s quite tall though. She did pretty good with the doctor and was mainly just concerned with the anguish of her siblings. The doctor was very impressed with the progress she has made in her speech (being a late talker and all) especially the way she was able to verbalize her extreme distaste for the marvel of modern medicine.

The 2 year old turned into a little wild animal. She was “That” kid that everyone hears down the hall striking paralyzing fear into the hearts of every other child. Following in sister’s footsteps, she was also in the 90th percentile for height, but her weight on the other hand blew the scale. She has always been chunky, but now she is just plain HUGE. Doctor wanted to rule out any type of metabolic or thyroid issue, so we go on Friday for some lab work and if all comes back negative on that then we will have to look closer at her caloric intake. The thing that impressed me the most was that it actually took 3 adults to hold her down to get her shots. So much for being born with a “heart condition and possibly being weak” Fight to the death, my child!

The newbie is doing well. She is up one ounce from her birth weight and all signs of jaundice are just about gone. She had a lot of sympathy wailing for her big sisters though. She was the last to be seen (did that on purpose because I knew I would have no more energy left to wrangle a child) and her bigger sisters really went to bat for her when they thought she might have to suffer as they did. We got some serious family loyalty here and no one throws anyone under the bus. Momma is proud.

After loading up on French Fries (watching #2 scarf fries, I know it is not a metabolic issue) we made it home and found a wonderful surprise from my friend (the girls’ Texas “aunt”) that contained a beautiful knit cap for Bitsy (I swear I will take pics soon, Auntie Knitter) a little onesie and HUGE suckers for the older two. Auntie Knitter, you had perfect timing. Those suckers were just the thing to console broken little hearts and they are perfect for sword fighting as well!

After many hours of decompression, we are all doing just fine and I now have made a solemn oath that for the sake of my sanity, I will never attempt to take all 3 to the doctor on the same day again. There is going to be a lot of “applesauce” around here.

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  1. Whew! At least you don't have to do it again…. for 8 weeks or so! 🙂

  2. God bless you, Wrangler! 🙂 Oh, my. Now i remember why I don't take my kids to the doctor. (Kidding, only kidding)

  3. I was just thinking of taking 2 of my 3 to the doctor for a shared appointment at the end of the month. Those 2 are 11 yrs apart,though so I'm hoping I have a easier time than you did!

  4. You sure are brave! I would not have tackled that by myself.

  5. Oh dear! Yeah I did that once with the three boys. Never. Ever. Again. I do believe the F word saved us then, also. I was actually considering doing all 4 of the kids teeth cleaning at once. ty for reminding me of the insanity of that idea!Thank heavens for Auntie Knitter! AmmieJo

  6. Ha!! It always takes at least one of those visits to make you swear 'em off for life! I did that once, too. And haven't since. I'm still not sure that I've recovered!!

  7. Love it, I did a dual dr appointment once, not sure I'll EVER do that again. BUT I also use fast food as a consolation for any dr visit. Too bad our local Mickey D's is being totally redone, I gotta a craving for some fries since you mentioned it!!

  8. Bless you! I only have two and have only taking them together but only one had a visit? KWIM? Anyway glad you all survived and Bitsy is basically jaundice free!And yay for apples!! We do lots of apples but still end up at the doctors!

  9. Let us know if the applesauce thing works…or the apples, rather…I'd love to not have to take the babe in to the doctor as much when she gets older. Right now we are just on the usual well baby schedule.~WM

  10. Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.comThat sounds familiar! I took my 3 kids to CVS to get flu shots and my 8 year old SCREAMED so the checker in the front of the store heard her. We literally had to hold her down so the nurse could give the shot. I've never been so worn out in my life. I was laughing and crying at the same time. Motherhood is GREAT!!

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