Resolutions for a new year

New year and a new slate. The trend for new years has always been to start fresh and vow to make resolutions based on the “failures” from your previous year. Proving to yourself that not only did you learn from your mistakes but that you are going to spend the next 365 days correcting them. Sounds simple enough but how many years have the same resolutions carried over? Lose weight? Become more organized? Stop (insert bad habit here) While it is always good to challenge yourself to become a better person, let’s face it…we are just human and sometimes it is downright impossible to hold to some of these expectations. So this year I am taking the mentality of “Aim low and hit high” By setting some basic resolutions, I can be assured that 2010 will be a smashing success and I can cross that finish line.

The top thing on my list should have been “Stop procrastinating” but seeing as this is now January 3rd and I am just now thinking about resolutions, I would venture to say that this one may be a little out of my league.

My second would be to become a little less relaxed and accepting of my own personal failures, but seeing as I just accepted my procrastinations in resolution number 1…yeah…this is going nowhere fast.

So going with the “Aim Low, Hit High” theory, these are my “New” New Year’s Resolutions. I vow these following things for 2010…

  • Clean out the snack drawer in the pantry by using the “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” method. I plan to achieve this by sticking mainly with the “Reduce” part. If I really apply myself, I may be able to reduce the amount of Reese’s cups, gummy bears and other like objects by consumption.
  • Throw away all rubber bands and hair scrunchies, forcing myself to actually get my hair washed in a timely manner instead of having “Mom Hair” I should also probably throw away all sweatpants eliminating the “Mom Wardrobe” but I am starting with baby steps here. I will quit using the excuse of water conservation as a reasonable “Mom Hair” excuse.
  • I will stop being such a “clock watcher” and become a little more relaxed about how my time is spent (after all, life is too short) I will do this by placing a piece of tape over the little clock on the bottom of my computer screen thus eliminating any guilt I may have about spending too much time on the internet. What you don’t know, doesn’t hurt you.
  • I will control my dependency on communication through technology and actually leave what room I am in instead of texting my husband when he is at home to ask him what he is doing. The only stipulation to this resolution is that texting when out of toilet paper in the restroom is perfectly acceptable.
  • I will allow myself to be helped by others. The next time I am cleaning house and my husband says “I would have helped you vacuum, take out trash, wash dishes, etc. as soon as I had finished watching the television progran” I will allow the trash to build up, dust bunnies to run rampant and take him up on his offer (even if insincere)
  • I will stop biting my nails everytime it is time to pay the bills and balance the checkbook. I went today to change my address so the bills no longer come here, insuring that my nails will now grow to a beautiful length.
  • I vow to stick to the recipe and no longer attempt to be creative when making old standbys such as meatloaf or grilled cheeses. If adding a spice I can’t pronounce seems like a bad idea, stick with your gut feeling.
  • I will teach my children about the rights that they have in life, especially the right to remain silent.
  • I will be more honest with my husband and never blame the dog for a child’s potty training failure for fear that it will reflect badly on my mothering skills. Stinking with the honesty theme, I will also never arrange a frozen dinner on a plate and claim it for my own.
  • I will be more consistent with my children and never just tell them to pee in their pull ups rather than take them into a germ filled gas station restroom.
  • I will be more diligent as a home economist and quit buying a new pack of socks every month rather than take the time to just find the sock’s mate.
  • Somehow I will find all the missing spoons from the silverware drawer.

Aim Low, Hit High.

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10 replies

  1. The best! I love the tape over the computer clock..

  2. I was going to work on my procrastination, then I saw your comment about it being January 3rd and I was just now starting to think about resolutions…damn….

  3. If you right click on your 'start' button and left-click on properties, then click on the 'Taskbar' tab, you can remove the check from 'show the clock' therefore eliminating any future tape residue you may need to clean. I thought this was the least I could do for you for all the times your writing has brightened my day! 🙂

  4. I love it! I was totally laughing out loud at some parts. The clock watcher and snack drawer parts are hilarious!!

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I have an award waiting for you over at my blog-diggity today!! Hope you and the wee-ones (and hubs too) are doing well!!~WM

  6. I like your theory 🙂 Ya know, I just realized the other day that I'm missing spoons from the silverware drawer. Where the heck do those spoons run off to!?!

  7. You are so funny!!! I love your resolutions :o)

  8. These are great! I should teach my children their rights too!!!Following from MBC.

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