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Questions for the New Year!! 1/1/10: (Thanks to Kate and Kyrsten for their question suggestions! Head on over here, to offer up your great questions, and get linked on a future 5QF!!)

1. If you could bring one character to life from your favorite book, who would it be?

Odd Thomas from Dean Koontz’s Odd Thomas series. If you have read it, then you know why. If not, run (don’t walk, unless you are by the pool and we know there is no running there!) and grab it and delve into the wonderment that is Odd Thomas. Not only does the guy hang out with Elvis’ ghost but he helps out folks, takes out bad guys, sups (I always loved that word for fellowship) with some rockin’ cool monks. The dude is totally funny and…well…odd!

2. Where did you get your very first kiss?

Ahh…the first kiss. I shall always treasure it and remember how it sent all my senses on fire. I was in 1st grade (Yup, started young…save your judgments for your own kids) and his name was Brian. He was a cute little tubby dude that rocked my pigtails. We were at recess and sitting in a circle. I saw those drool covered lips and planted my best imitation of Casablanca. A few seconds later I was tingling from head to toe and he was running very fast away screaming in girl cootie agony! Turns out that I was sitting on a fire ant pile. Yup, my senses were on fire all right.

3. How did you welcome in the New Year?

At exactly midnight I was nursing Bitsy and trying to explain to the 4 year old how only Mommies make special Bitsy milk. If she wanted to nurse her lion, that was fine but we only do it in the privacy of our home (Le’ Leche would be so ashamed of me for oppressing my little girl) 2 minutes after midnight I was consoling the 4 yr old and 2 yr old that the fireworks were not dangerous and cleaning up puppy piddle from the frightened fur baby.

4. What is your favorite Beatles song?

You know I just never really got into the Beatles. (Please don’t stone me, I have tender skin) I have tried and know most of the songs by heart, but it never really got my hips to swinging and foot to tapping. It may be one of my greatest faults, but I will accept it and claim it.

5. Donuts: Overrated, underrated, or ’bout right?

Totally overrated. There is nothing like a donut in the morning to make me feel so sick and gaggy. I usually only eat the cake donuts (not being a fan of the squishy, sicky-sweet goo in the center) but since I have gotten older and have some kind of age induced sugar intolerance before lunch, I try to stay away from them.

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5 replies

  1. hahahahha LMBO!! That is the best first kiss story ever! I love ” he rocked my pigtails..” Girl you crack me up!! love this

  2. What! No donuts! Sad..just so sad!I never got into the Beatles either..

  3. LOL @ rocked my pigtails!! I love you, girl!

  4. odd thomas, never heard of him, but i will google immediately!

  5. Oh, dude…I am totally with ya on the sugar intolerance before lunch! It's gotta be salt, all the way! I think you're my long lost sister…well, 'cept for the Beatles thing. But, I'll forgive ya that!

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