Toothpicks please

Sleep deprivation is SO cool! It allows me to do all the nutty stuff (I normally do anyways) but I get a free pass…an excuse.

Put the ice cream in the cupboard instead of the freezer. No problem.
Found dirty socks on top of the headboard. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
Pour a sippy cup of Wesson oil instead of apple juice. Those darn bottles look just alike!

Life with a newborn is so cool! I get all the snuggles that I want and I don’t have to chase someone down and bribe them with M&Ms. There is no such thing as too snuggly of a baby, unless of course you need a shower (EPA shows up at your door with a pollution fine) needing to drive somewhere or trying to eat a massively messy sandwich. (Although I don’t think that glob of sauce and pickle that landed on her forehead bothered her one little bit. The 2 year old that licked it off kinda “icked” me out though)

The girls have adjusted well to their new sister…picture proof
And we have adjusted to a newborn as parents without using toothpicks on our eyelids…picture proof
We have a little concern as Bitsy’s bilirubin levels are rising instead of falling like they are supposed to. We will go back in tomorrow morning for a recheck and the outcome of that lab will determine whether or not we do light therapy. My peditrician (who is the best!) has already arranged for us to do the therapy at home if we need to.

I have found it funny the amount of people who consider children to be like Matchbox cars or Beanie Babies. It seems that if you have more than one of a certain gender then you must not have a complete set. After hearing it is my third girl, I keep getting asked “So will you be trying for a boy now?”

Other than the fact that my house looks like the inside of a Pepto Bismal bottle, why would we want to try for the other gender? My husband always wanted to be a ladies’ man and with 4 girls clamboring for his lap and sweet talking him, why on earth would he want a boy?

The house is busting at the seams with frills, lace, dollies, hair bows and pink stuff…I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Anyways, back to Bitsy (still working on the labor story, I swear!) she is doing very well (except for that bilirubin thing) nurses very well (and very often!) She had only lost 1 ounce at her doctor visit today (told you she was eating well!!!) She is a very laid back, quiet baby (unless you try to set her down) and has the sweetest smelling skin EVAH!! Bug and Belly love having a real life baby doll and actually fight over who gets to put the butt bombs in the trash and who gets to hand Mommy the wipes. They love singing to her, rubbing her hair (I am suprised she has any left at this point) and shaking rattles for her.

The only “incident” we have had so far was Bug was NOT using her “Baby Sleeping” voice and was “forced” to hold the screaming baby that she woke up for a few minutes. Since that moment, both girls have a good healthy respect for the “Baby Sleeping” voice and go to great lengths to avoid waking Bitsy up.

As far as I go…I am doing well. Tired and sore (totally expected) and not one sign of “Baby Blues” (How could you get the blues with this much pink in the house!) I have enjoyed my time of “taking it easy” and getting back to a normal life (after being pregnant for like 18 months!) I am loving sleeping on my stomach again and having Victoria Secret boobs again (sorry male readers, but its the truth!) I am in total awe of this new life and blessing that God has given us. Ain’t babies so cool! I actually adore those moments at 3 am pacing and rocking that 6lb bundle, because I look at the older two girls and realize those sweet moments pass all too quickly.

Anways, that’s all for now. Hopefully tomorrow I can get the birth story up. We should also have her test results back by noon, so I will have an update about that as well!


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  1. Great to read you're doing well and that no baby blues have crept in.The picture of the IV drip of Starbucks is hilarious.

  2. Oooo great technique of the baby is sleeping voice I'll try to remember that if ever I have a wee one again.Thank goodness for no baby blues.

  3. Isn't it funny how people aren't happy with other people's lives just as they are? You date someone and they want to know when you're getting married. You get married and they want to know when you're going to start a family. You have one child and they want to know when you're going to have another one. And another one. And another one. Geez! Just let me be happy and content with what I have for a while!Sorry – went on a litte rant there! :)Your girls are adorable! And your husband is in for a treat when they are all teenagers and the hormones are running rampant! :)Hope all is well with the newbie. Looking forward to reading your birth story. I've been thinking lately about writing about my 3. All very different.

  4. So glad things are going well! Sometimes exclusively breastfed babies get something known as "breastfeeding jaundice" and their levels can get pretty high. But my nurse friends tell me that its really nothing alarming as long as the baby is nursing well and often.

  5. Glad to hear that everything is going well. I love the idea of making the girls hold a screaming baby if they wake her up by being too loud. I never thought of that. Still to this day I have to tell my older sons who are 9.5 and almost 13 to be quiet when the baby is sleeping (baby is 2). I should make them stay up with him when they wake him up :o)I hope the test comes out good tomorrow. I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  6. With all the holiday hub bub. I missed you having her. I checked like 2 days ago I thought but missed it. She is lovely. There is nothing wrong with having girls. I actually have 2 of each, but then my one daughter is quite a tom boy. She loves frills and she loves sports. So she has the best of both worlds.Many Congratulations.

  7. If only Starbucks in an IV were possible…then I could have all of effects without that crap coffee taste! Glad to hear all is well :)~WM

  8. I love the baby sleeping voice lesson. Your post makes me want another one, and we've declared ourselves done after three…

  9. I love this picture.. it is so sweet! Hope bitsy's levels start to come down for you. Enjoy those snuggles.. I miss them so much

  10. Happy New Year! Congratulations on the birth of your daughter. I have an award for you on my blog.

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