The First Birth

So I got to thinking about pregnancy and birth (logical thoughts right now, huh?) I was talking to The Man about my OB and all the prenatal stuff. He might have nodded off a couple of times or been playing a game on his cell phone, I can’t be sure so we will give him the benefit of the doubt that he was really interested in what I had to say. (Yeah, I will go with that)

I started thinking about The First Birth and what that must have been like for The First Parents. According to The Bible that I have read and from what I have heard…the only instructions/advice/warnings/etc. that God gave Eve for childbirth was (this is a loose interpretation) “It’s gonna hurt ya girl!” I saw no conversations about the “birds & bees”, conception, gestation, labor and delivery. Can you just imagine the thoughts and conversations that went on back then?

Adam: “Eve, you are really starting to put on some weight. You may want to cut back on those figs and dates”

Eve: “God, what is going on with me?….”what’s a baby”….”how does it get out”….”it comes out WHERE?”…”How big does it get?”…”9 months? what’s a month?”

Adam: “Eve, we have a boy” “Yes dear, everything is fine except for this tail that comes out of his stomach”

Eve: “Adam, do not ever touch me again” “It’s your turn to change the leaf”

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6 replies

  1. Gotta love some Adam and Eve thought processes!! Oh, to be a fly on the wall…or, tree, or bush or somethin'!!

  2. That's a spin I've never heard from the pulpit! True though. Very true.

  3. I laughed so hard at the tail coming out of the stomach that my husband had to hear this conversation between Adam and Eve too. Thanks for the laugh :o)

  4. LOL!! Certainly not something I've heard at church – but definitely a logical thought process. Nice one!!~WM

  5. Hmmm see way to go, now you got me thinking……never a good thing! But anywho I never thought about that before and now I am! Had to kind of suck no? I mean it kinda sucks now and we know so much! Hmmm maybe thats why it sucks because we know whats coming! Ha!

  6. That was so cute! I love the, “It's your turn to change the leaf” comment 🙂

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