Hurry Up and Wait!

Talk about something that is exasperating, frustrating, aggravating and such!! We are now in a holding pattern of “Hurry up and wait!”

After a long night in Labor & Delivery with “Something” going on, but “Nothing” happening. I decided to just go home. (To clear up the “hissy fit” comment…thanks dear!) They were wanting to try a stronger drug but this was not on MY doctor’s orders but the OB on call. I was not comfortable with this and after telling them numerous times that I would not take it…I just went home and called my OB this morning. I went in and watched as more “Something” and “Nothing” happened and we made a game plan.

It’s obvious that I am in labor.

It’s also obvious she is not interested in coming right now.

Then again…maybe she is…(see what I mean…FRUSTRATING)

Since I am not yet to my due date, we don’t really see a rush in getting her here. She is passing the stress tests just fine and kicks and heartbeat are beautiful.

I will remain at home unless something major happens (contractions become stronger or closer than the 3-5 min. span we are seeing, water breaks, baby doesn’t move well or my skin turns purple with orange polka dots)

Wednesday I will go in for a steroid shot to help with lung development, just in case she is wanting to come right now. We are waiting until Wednesday because I would like my husband to be able to be home and that is just the day he can do it.

At this point we will not rush labor or stop it with any more medications. Just whatever happens…happens.

I won’t lie to you, my friends…I am quite uncomfortable, frustrated and tired. There is a light though…I can’t stay pregnant forever, so I have hope.

I mean…I can’t…can I? Forever?


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15 replies

  1. Praying girl!! So sorry its been hard so far… miss ya and hopefully baby big foot will be here soon

  2. The waiting is HARD! (hugs) I hope you are able to rest! No, it won't be forever, but it may indeed feel like it! Love, prayers, and hugs,AmmieJo

  3. Hmmmm…..yes I think there once was this woman who was pregnant forever!!! I hope you get some relief soon! I think you did the right thing coming home, I would want to.The light is definitely there………..

  4. Well, I don't think you can be pregnant forever, tho it does feel that way at times :)Hang in there! We'll all be eager to read the update where you have a new baby in your arms….Lucy

  5. So hard to wait, I'm sure! Sorry you are uncomfortable right now, but it's gotta be soon. And when you hold her, it will be all worth it! Thanks for keeping us updated on this exciting news.

  6. I'm not think you could stay pregnant forever. This end part w/ the waiting & being anxious is the hardest. Keeping you in our prayers & hoping to see baby big foot soon!

  7. I know how hard the waiting part is, especially when you are uncomfortable and tired. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully this lil munckin will soon grace you with her arrival :o) Good luck!

  8. Good luck! I think you are making wonderful decisions to just let mature take its course. Rest well, eat well, and she'll be in your arms before you know it 🙂

  9. oh hugs!!! You're in our prayers! Give me a call if you need to just whine!Peace!

  10. Oh, the last couple weeks of pregnancy are the worst. Your baby just can't wait to see you!I am thinking about you and baby!

  11. Praying for perfect timing for your little one. I can't wait to see her beautiful little face. And feet! 🙂 I hope you can get some rest these next few days. Keep us updated when you can. Hugs!

  12. Still praying for you! I'm glad you have a good game plan, even if it requires the dreaded waiting! (and now I have Tom Petty singing in my head!)

  13. You should have asked to be induced…all the baby birthing and none of the emergency rush trip to the hospital…it is great!~WM

  14. Bless your heart! Hope things change for ya. I'm impatient. Waiting is tough! Purple with orange polka dots? HAHAHAHAHA!

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