Thankful Thursday!

When it is this time of day and you are a SAHM with 2 small children plus being 36 weeks pregnant…it’s sometimes hard to be thankful for anything other than when the cuckoo clock strikes 8pm.
The Nut House helps us dedicate a day to finding what we are thankful for (besides that cuckoo) Click the link above to join in and read what others are thankful for.

Today I am thankful for my friends near and far. Sometimes there is nothing like a phone call from a friend (especially one who has small children running around and you get to hear her losing it!) to brighten up your day. Someone who takes the time to drop you a quick note in the mail (Whoot! I love getting something addressed to me that is not a bill or a key to a brand new car that I may have won) Someone who knows exactly what is going to make you laugh and what just pushed you over the edge. Someone who offers to give you bail money, passports and has a grand scheme of how to escape from it all. Someone who knows when you need advice and knows when to just be silent and hand over the cookie dough. Someone who actually remembers what your favorite color is and knows what TV show you are addicted to and will never call during that hour of cable bliss. Someone who is real enough to help you up when you fall, yet laugh hysterically while doing it because you were wearing granny panties. Someone who will never let you forget a moment, a joke, a laugh, a tear, a miracle or when you wore granny panties.

Thank you for my friends (that would probably be YOU!)

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5 replies

  1. Thank you for making me laugh!I don't have any cookie dough to pass over to you, but I have left over Halloween candy.Thanks for joining my Thankful Thursdays this week!

  2. Friends are so important, especially to us stay at home moms!! I love getting things in the mail that are not bills! And I would take they keys to a brand new car I won anyday!Hope the next few weeks go easy for you! I think when you are pregnant with your first, you take for granted how easy it is!

  3. =) again, thanks for the smile. You made me miss my best friend so badly just now! She lives an hour away. We almost never get to see each other with her work/school/baby and my work/husband/life schedule!

  4. What an awesome post! A great thing to be thankful for. And I completely agree with jmberrygirl – I'm totally missing my BFF now. Only mine lives about 15 hours from me so I don't get to see her often. Makes me so thankful for phones & email & all kinds of technology.

  5. Thanks for the thanks…and thanks to you for writing your blog!!~WM

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