I’m Dreaming Of A Black Friday

Black Friday
(to the tune of White Christmas

I’m dreaming of a Black Friday,
Not like the ones I heard about on TV
Where no one get trampled
And all the sales get sampled
Where all the shoppers are filled with Christmas glee.

I’m dreaming of a Black Friday,
Where I get everything half off.
Where there are no long lines
No elbowing in spines
Like pigs running to a trough.

I’m dreaming of a Black Friday,
With each sale paper that comes my way.
May you get all the dreams on your list.
Staying safe with the chaos in your midst.
And all your gifts will be spared of the blood spray.

Categories: Christmas, holidays

2 replies

  1. Hoping its not to bad out there tonite… more than the people I am worried about the weather! Its going to be cold waiting in that line! BBBRRRRR 🙂

  2. That's awesome! Hope you have fun shopping tomorrow & things aren't too crazy

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