And The Tears Fall

Tonight the tears fell.

I could blame it on hormones (cause yeah…they are seriously whacked! Can you say snot bubbling cry at an ASPCA commercial) but I think it was just because I am a mom.

A mom who was not needed. At all. “I do it myself, thank you very much”

Buzz wanted a peanut butter sandwich and she wanted to do it by herself. Seriously, the child who will not sleep in her room because of the psychotic bunny who lives under her bed that is dead set on nibbling her toes, wanted to do this all by herself.

She pulled a chair up to the counter to retrieve all needed items.

I fretted she would fall off the chair.

She unscrewed the jar lid and pulled out two pieces of bread.

I figured she would forget what items she would need.

She picked out a knife to spread the peanut butter.

I put back the steak knife after a mild stroke and handed her the plastic spreader.

After 20 painstaking minutes, she was done spreading the sandwich and getting it reassembled.

I hovered (lip quivering) waiting to be asked to do something.

She never asked. Not once.

The tears fell.

It is amazing to me how fast they go from needing your every minute, to all of a sudden…”I do it myself” It is both heart breaking and a moment of pride when you realize that time is now. They can spread their own peanut butter, put on their own seat belt, tie their shoes and use the potty (with privacy PLEASE)

Of course she still can’t sleep in her own bed. God bless the rabbit who keeps her needing me just a little bit longer.

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15 replies

  1. Oh I know just how you feel! My oldest is getting more independent every day, and it's so bittersweet. I love the name of your blog, and am following you back!

  2. Don't worry. She'll want you again and be pretty ticked off about the whole situation when the new little one comes along and she HAS to do stuff by herself. Then you'll feel all better again =-)

  3. What a bittersweet moment. I to will cry and cry hard when I first hear those words… I feel like she is growing and changing so much everyday.. wish I could freeze time!

  4. Oh I know how that feels. But no matter how big our babies get they are always going to need Mommy at some time. My oldest son is almost 13 and he still needs Mommy moments (don't tell him I told you cause that would be so embarrassing).

  5. My youngest is in all by myself mode. It sucks. Everything takes much longer than it used to. Of course, when she does manage to do it all by herself, the look of pride is great to see!!!

  6. I feel you. I've cried a few times over the same kind of reason except it was my oldest and her leaving elementary school for middle school. I also cried when she told me she had to start shaving. It feels like it's even harder when they're girls. I'll even mess with my kids a little and tell them that before I know it they'll be going off to college forgetting about Mom and Dad and never calling home except for money!

  7. That is amazing! Our children grow up too quickly. I enjoy every minute of being a mom and watching them grow and learn new things.

  8. Got a little teary eyed thinking about my 5 year old daughter that needs me less and less each day. But hey she still needs me to wipe her tush after doing number 2, at least I am still good for something!

  9. Sweet lady! Wow, my heart breaks for yours and laughs along with you. They do grow up too fast don't they. And yet it's so wonderfully, painfully bittersweet. I'm so excited for your new and expanding family. I can't believe it's a little more than a month away. Hope is a Christmasish baby. They are so wonderful. 🙂

  10. Holy followers, dude!!! Way to go! You're makin' it! Don't forget us little people, when you're big and famous…'k? 😉

  11. I have pretty much the exact same story. Only mine involves lots of mouthy action on said butterknife. Oy. I got an adorable video… thought you might enjoy.

  12. This was a wonderful post! I have three teenage boys and trust me, they don't ever stop needing you. They might not need you to make PBJ's for them anymore but they still want/need rides to the mall, their allowance, a puppy, more money, a sip of your coffee, help with homework, and daily explanations for why girls are so weird.

  13. Oh we are right here now. My 5 year old is constantly “I can do it. Let me do it.” Making sandwiches, fixing her hair for school. Just everything. It's breaking my heart. But I'm so thankful for my youngest that's going to need me a while longer.I left something for you at my blog, btw.

  14. Wow. My childless brain goes, “But independence is GOOD! The less you have to do for them, the better, right?” =)

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