Real Moms Of Genius 2

Real Moms of Genius

Today we salute you informercial, miracle cleaning product, shopper mom.
You tirelessly stay up until 3am waiting like a vulture for your cue to be the first 100 callers.
(But wait you get this UV light for free)

Your cabinets are overflowing with products that not only scour mildew, but clean carpets, clothes, dishes, teeth and the dog.
(All in one bottle, so safe your kids can drink it)

So tighten up your apron strings and pull up your antibacterial vinyl gloves,
Infomercial, Miracle Cleaning Product shopping mom.
And know that there is a spot cleaned off in heaven just for you,
right next to Billy Mays.
(But wait, you’ll get a second set of wings for free if you call now)

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7 replies

  1. HA! Funny stuff. Now when it's really safe for kids to drink give me a call. Until then, I'm looking for the darn key to the cabinet. πŸ™‚

  2. HA! I love the budweiser commercials, but these are hilarious!! You need to create a youtube version!!And thanks for the nice comment on my blog. πŸ™‚

  3. You are the awesomest!! If I could only be as funny and witty as you..

  4. I love it! Someday, you're gonna be famous…will you still remember me? You are da bestest!!

  5. That's hilarious. For some reason it reminds me of my mother-in-law, but she'll buy just about anything off of an infomercial… as we discovered while cleaning her basement over the weekend.

  6. my daughter loved Billy Mayes so much! When I told her he passed away from a heart attack, she cried! And then she said that maybe he ate too many Mini Slider Burgers.

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