And The Award Goes To…

I received this award from All A Bunch of Momsense and from MannLand. First of all, let me say what an honor it was to receive this award from these gals. They are both not only spectacular bloggers, but are truly amazing women. When I say I am humbled to be recognized as being a “Heartfelt Blogger” it is not the pregnancy hormones talking. The tears I am shedding are a direct result of the hormones though.

Anyways, it took me a few days to actually do this post and lemme tell you why…Part of the rules (cause it’s all about the rules) stipulate that I must nominate 9 other blogs to receive the award. Sounds pretty easy, huh? Ummm…NOT! Have you ever checked out my blogroll. Talk about a list of amazing women. Making me choose 9 women who deserved this award was like trying to choose between the chocolate cake with a mouuse topping or a chocolate cake with a fudge topping.

Yes, it was that difficult.

So I decided to find my women a different way. I get these things called “comments” on my blog. It doesn’t happen as frequently as I would like it to (hint hint nudge nudge) but these women always (mostly always) leave me a comment that is “heartfelt” letting me know that they enjoy what I have written. I can depend on these gals to help me keep writing and sharing. So my Heartfelt Blogger award goes to the following…

Bethany at Crazy Days and Sleepless Nights
Jes at Exposing The Drapes To My 20s
JMBerrygirl at Becoming Briggs
Lisa at Rants and Rambles

Typically speaking I am a stickler for rules. Well, maybe not…I know I was supposed to have 9, but like I said…just picking from my blogroll…not a bit easy.
So I want to acknowledge these 4 super cool gals who always leave me a “HeartFelt” note!

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3 replies

  1. Aw! Thank you so much! I really appreciate the award. I'm going to have trouble choosing only 9 blogs, too! =)

  2. Hee hee!! Another award for you on my blog, my friend!! Kick some butt today! Remember…just think that the crowd is naked!

  3. Thank You so much! The award means alot to me! I might have to break the rules a little bit too.. 9 is going to be hard to come up with. Thanks!

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