You Make Me Want To Shout!

You know you make me want to SHOUT!

Pull my hair out and SHOUT!
Stomp my feet now and SHOUT!
Put a pillow over my mouth and SHOUT!
Come on now GET OUT!
Please quit sassing me with that mouth!

Don’t tell me “NO” or I am going to SHOUT!

Got you singing didn’t I? Not me…I am trying not to SHOUT!

It’s a phase right? Tell me, swear to me, promise me, convince me this is a phase.

The sweet little girl with a sassy mouth is just a phase. I will repeat that to myself until I believe it. (Much like I have finally convinced myself that Reese’s Cups are the perfect source for protein, iron and dairy)

Phases. Boy, we have seen a lot of them in this short 3 years and 10 months of raising two children.

  • The strange eating phase. Brown foods only – peanut butter, chicken, etc. The love of pepperoni and peanut butter sandwiches. The no food can touch thing. Eating the dog food like it’s gourmet (that one did my confidence some good) Drink only out of a green cup.
  • I am a dog phase – Once again, eating dog food (At least they have shiny hair and a healthy digestive tract) panting, barking, scratching and the licking…eww, the licking. Did I mention the chihuahua like barking that was NON-STOP! Have I ever mentioned that Buzz has had a piece of twine hanging from the back of her panties for 4 months now? Yeah, I don’t like to talk about it much.
  • The clothing phases – Does anyone remember the pink dress incident from my old blog? (You can find it here)
  • Random strangeness – The oldest won’t sleep in her room for fear that the bunny who lives under the bed will nibble her toes off while she sleeps (Huh?) The youngest is obsessed with wearing panties on her head (and nothing else) WonderPets wonderment (What’s it gonna take…TEAMWORK) Barney (Thank heaven we are over that one already) The youngest likes to hear the sound of herself gagging and does it frequently. The oldest must have two handfuls of toilet paper when doing “The Deed.” One she uses for “Down Under” and the other is used to cover her nose. (I can appreciate that)

So, what phase just makes you want to SHOUT?

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9 replies

  1. I have a “melter”. The one that you ask a question of, and they immediately melt into tears. You did NOT shout. You did NOT imply anger. You just asked a question. The Melter makes me want to shout.

  2. Hey, I got to pet puppy Buzz and she wasn't THAT bad…Ok, so the barking was a bit intense, but this IS buzz we are talking about!I could go on and on and on about phases here, but I will just stand behind my statement from earlier.The whole 2 yr apart thing probably wasn't the smartest idea. a 2 & 4yr old…WHAT WERE WE THINKING?!

  3. Baaaahahaha! Sorry to laugh at your pain, it's only because I feel it too. It probably is a phase…but how long it lasts is up in the air. Sorry! Our kids are 8-19 and we have yet to not want to pull our hair out over things….eye rolling, head shaking, whining, sassing. We have established some rules for those things at our house:1) whiner's get nothing2) sassy mouths get nothing, and a consequence, and have to repeat what they said in a non-sassy way 3) whatever else we can think of at the moment that will serve our purpose of having a peaceful houseOk, not trying to be preachy – your kids are much younger, but it's not too early to tell your 3 year old to use her “big girl” voice if she wants something.Blessings!Lisa

  4. Um. There's this phrase we use at my house. My mom employed a version of it, and my husband's dad could write a book on it. “You take what you get and you don't pitch a fit.” Just try it sometime when they're not whiny, or sassy. Have them learn it for fun, use it during happy times. Then, when they turn into little monsters, remind them of the cute little phrase. Just a thought.

  5. Not to disappoint, but the sassy phase comes back at about age 10, as we are experiencing now! But, hold fast! We didn't let her get away with it at 4-5, we don't let her get away with it now!We had the “I am a cat” phase…meowing, crawling, trying to lick you! 🙂

  6. HA!! I think I'm gonna take a page from your girls' phase book, and start using two handfuls of tp, too! How do you and Amanda know each other?!

  7. Mama M:Amanda and I met through a pregnancy forum in '05. It was just one of those friendships that clicked.

  8. I think the phases sound adorable, fun, and hilarious!! Kidding…for the most part. :)Ha! Clearly I don't have kids. (Though I do remember my little brother going through the puppy stage, my mom hated it, I encouraged it. It was fun to have a pet puppy! :)I am sure I just jinxed myself and will experience phases to the max (and will go crazy)when I do have kids.I really enjoy your blog!

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