We are here to pump you up!

Okay, so here’s the deets, peeps:

Starting today, Tuesday November 3rd and running till January 1 (Happy New Year!!), we will be supporting, encouraging, cheering on, and holding accountable everyone who signs up…everyone who’s “in”!!

Tuesdays, we’ll have the MckLinky Blog Hop…today’s blog hop will be to post “why” you feel like you need to jump on board this crazy train, and by linking up today, you’ll be saying, “I’m in!! I’m in!!” Doing it blog hop style will let us quickly visit one anothers sites to provide supportive, encouraging comments! We will be each others personal trainer and cheerleader!

There will also be a weekly fitness goal…Set by our own personal “Fitness Guru, Keely!!”

The firsts weeks goal will be to do at least 60 30 minutes of cardio 5 days this week, starting today. If a half hour seems too easy..feel free to do more..the more hours you log, the better! Make sure you log your hours..somewhere, anywhere, make sure you write them all down. So you should log at least 150 mins!!!

Walking, running, biking, hiking, exercise videos, gym, jumping rope..It all counts…Wanna know what doesn’t count…chasing after the kiddos..that’s what!

On each subsequent Tuesday, your Blog Hop will be about your progress, your downfalls, your achievements, or your weaknesses…rememeber, “keep it real!” The following Tuesdays are where you will “log” your excersise hours (don’t forget to write them down!!)…tell us where you’re at for “meeting the goal!!”
We’re here for each other… so let’s hear it all!!…No sugar coating allowed!!

Thursdays will be our “Tip Day”…Keely will be providing us with a “Fitness tip or Exercise” and Mama M. will be providing a “Health Tip!” You can look forward to get fit, healthy eating tips, and even health in geneeral tips! While we plan or “cordinating” this trip together, we will likely have completely different posts up…so, we plan on doing a lot of linking back and forth to one another! We need to make sure you’ll get all of the fabulous tips you deserve!

And…(ha! As if it could get any better!!)…there will be a prize for someone at the end of this gig! Likely, the person who logs the most hours of exercise will win it! We still aren’t quite sure what the prize will be…but it’ll be awesome! Rest assured!

And, just ‘cuz we want you to know where we stand…what follows below, is our own personal reasons for taking the “Hot and Healthy Thru the Holidays” plunge!

So…let’s hear it! Who’s in?


So I am in. I know the initial concern was being pregnant and possible law suits due to jumping jacks…but we will all be OK.

What motivated me to do this was due to the fact that I am “Due” in late Dec; I am “Due” for a lifestyle change…just paying my dues. This being my 3rd pregnancy in 4 years, I have suffered a lot. My boobs are more like saddlebags down by my thighs. My thighs, which were saddlebags have, scooted around back giving me a melty playdough-like buttock area. I have a turkey gobbler neck and flying squirrel wings underneath my arms. This was all before I got pregnant this third time.
Something odd happened though. I got serious and started to lose weight. Not on a diet but through better life choices. I am healthier and thinner now than I was at the tender 4 weeks stage. I want to continue this change through the duration of the pregnancy (about 7 weeks left) so that I can maintain it postpartum and finally be the Hot Mom that I know is trapped screaming silent screams under the blubber.
I did my goal today of 30 min of cardio. My aunt is a big whoo-haw in the exercise industry and I have all of her tapes/DVDs. I found a low impact one that I think is meant for geriatrics, but it was enough to get the sweat going and heart pounding.
I look forward to the accountability during these last few weeks of holiday overindulgence (especially with the excuse of eating for two) and the energy loss that is bound to come.

So to all, good luck!!!!

MckLinky Blog Hop

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5 replies

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture/button type thingy. I think they should make that the button. Can I put it on my blog?Already motivated. Just need to keep it up!

  2. I found it on Mann Mom's blog. It wasn't linked yet so I jumped the gun on that one. I loved it too!

  3. Love your new header girl!! Good luck and hang in there!! šŸ™‚

  4. Suhweet!! Now, I wanna know who your Aunt is…

  5. Dude…is your aunt, like…Jane Fonda?! Hook a sister up! šŸ˜‰ Glad to have you on board, my friend!

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