Knit Together

Psalm 139:13 – For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.

So since this little being is starting to take up every square inch of my middle section (it was generous sized section to start with and this child has aggressively marked the whole of it to be its territory) I have really been thinking about this verse and what it means to me.

I think the word that strikes me the most is “knit”, because of what it implies. Knitting is something totally out of my patience capabilities. I do good to tie a shoelace and I used to be able to rock those Friendship Bracelets. When I was pregnant with Buzz, I thought I might try this knitting thing. Maybe start with a blanket and work my way up to a knit gown with matching hat and booties all BEFORE she was born.

My friends, I ended up with a hanky. For a Barbie.

Knitting is something that takes patience, skill, long term planning and time. To say that God has knit us together in the womb says a few things to me. First, he must have some really little needles. (applause from audience)….

Seriously though, let’s start with the “time” factor. I ended up with a Barbie hanky with more knots than knits after months of laboring over this thing. In order to have produced a blanket, I would have had to invest a lot of time of practicing to complete a finished project. Even though its a 2 inch square of knots, I love this thing because of what I intended it to be and the time I put into it. Doncha think he loves us so much more because of the effort and time he has put into us to create us just as he intended us to be? Knots and all?

Then we got the long term planning thing. In order to make this little square, I had to figure out how much yarn I would need, study this plotting grid thing (supposed to keep me on track) and visualize what I wanted this to be for the end result. Can’t you just picture our Father (with his tiny needles) plotting the course for this new life? Lovingly visualizing the end result of what He wants us to be? His plans for us as he casts each new stitch?

Patience, that was the worst part for me. Each time I slipped, each knot that formed and each time it came all the way unraveled; I just wanted to throw the thing in the garbage and just say “Forget it” Most times it seemed that the yarn had a mind of its own, doing what it wanted to do. His patience is totally awesome though. How many times have I had a mind of my own and almost messed up His masterpiece, yet He kept patiently knitting away? How many knots have I gotten myself into, that I have begged for Him to undo and get back on course? I know in my life, My Father has a heck of a lot of patience for my yarn.

Finally we have skill. Skill is something that you got, you have to work hard to get or just pay someone to do it for you. I learned quickly that I do not possess the skill off the bat for anything more than a knotted hanky. Dude…He has skill to make a person. Millions and millions of individual creations all perfect in their own way, all with a purpose and all fresh off His tiny needles. Some are pot holders, some are cozy blankets and some are intricate sweaters of amazing detail. The coolest thing is that every single one of them is just what He intended it to be when He started knitting. Perfect within itself and its purpose.

Thanks for keeping up with this folks. Pardon me while I knit some wool for sleep before I unravel….


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  1. Love this! I don't knit…cause I can't. Crocheting on the other hand…much easier and more forgiving. Can't wait to see this new little one.

  2. Great post!Isn't GOD super awesome and unwavering!!!

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