Articles Written By Moms For Moms

If I was ever approached to write for a magazine (because you know they are just camped in tents drinking cold coffee outside my front porch) there are several series I would write regarding things I have learned from being a mom.

Series One:

  1. Potty training by using the “nude” or “no diaper” method.
  2. How to use basic household cleaners to properly clean carpet.
  3. How to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.
  4. How to hire a carpet installation service.

Series Two:

  1. Entertaining a toddler without resorting to television.
  2. Entertaining multiple children without resorting to television.
  3. Embracing childhood programming and keeping your sanity.

Series 3:

  1. Surviving a week of toddler tantrums.
  2. 2009’s Best Wine Guide.

Series 4:

  1. Girl Names of 2005
  2. Girl Names of 2007
  3. Natural Gender Planning.
  4. Life with three daughters.
  5. Future financial planning for weddings.
  6. The art of the “Shotgun Wedding”

Series 5:

  1. 101 Top Toys of Christmas 2009
  2. Buying toys during a down economy.
  3. How to create toys using string, paint and empty paper towel rolls
  4. How to teach children about disappointment and being grateful.

What articles could you write?

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6 replies

  1. Haha…that's great! I could write about how to:-order food and make it look homemade-clean your house minimally and make it seem like you spent hours

  2. That's a good one! I'd write: Hiding dirty luandry in the dryer and forgetting it's not freshly cleaned… Hiding clean laundry in the hamper and washing it for the second time… Soaking dishes until there aren't any left and you.must.wash.

  3. HAHA – Those are great articles and I know that I have done each of those things. LOL!

  4. Good ones! Ha! I would write about how to keep your sanity amongst the chaos! And how to make it look like you did something all day, 5 minutes before your husband comes home!I also love the name of your blog! Made me think of Sex and the City!

  5. I could do:2009's WHINE guide

  6. Okay here goes….The Drama Queen Syndrome: Identifying it and Eradicating ItPotty Training for Boys:Go find a Tree OutsideAre You Kidding Me? How Long Have You Been Wearing Those?I am tired so I could probably come up with more but am out of time!Have a great evening.

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