The Medicine Cabinet

In the process of packing up the house, I came to the medicine closet today. Yes, I said “closet”. It started out innocently enough 3 years ago of storing some extra medicines, Qtips and toilet paper on the top shelf, but somehow it has multiplied and taken over the whole closet. A medicine based fungus that covers every shelf and promises some type of miracle healing or quick remedy.

I took one glance in there, shuddered and grabbed the kitchen trash can, a stool and a Snickers bar (this is going to take a while)

If the whole rumor about people looking through your medicine cabinets is true; they would have a field day seeing inside my closet. I was surprised to see all the stuff in there. Some of the items I found where.

  1. A full bottle of Ginko Biloba (guess I forget to take those)
  2. 4 half empty bottles of Infant GasX (always seemed to be out somewhere when we needed that and had to juggle the screaming child while purchasing the impromptu bottle)
  3. 7 infant sized nail clippers (why on earth do I have 7 of those and my children have always had Freddy Krueger nails from birth and on)
  4. An empty box of Q tips
  5. An empty box of bandaids (with several opened wrappers inside)
  6. My reading glasses (why on earth?)
  7. 5 different flavors of cold medicine (from last winter’s fiasco of trying to get Buzz to take a medicine)
  8. An empty bottle of Ambien (that sucks, got excited for a moment)
  9. An unopened box of nursing pads (Score!)
  10. A pack of child’s socks size 6-9 months (again…what on earth?)
  11. 1 tube of cellulite removal lotion and 1 tube of stretch mark cream (didn’t work. But a girl could hope, right?)
  12. A Eucalyptus and Menthol based bubble bath that is supposed to soothe a cold and stuffed nose (great in theory, not so good on the girly bits)
  13. A WalMart bag that contained candy canes, marshmellow Santas (still tasted good) and other assorted stocking stuffers for children (So THAT’S where I hid that)

It was like a treasure hunt, but at the same time I had to shake my head in shame. How does one just let this stuff build up right under their noses, albeit stuffed up noses?

Tomorrow’s project? Junk drawer.

OK. Who am I fooling? There are like 10 junk drawers in my house. Can’t wait to see what discoveries are to be made…

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7 replies

  1. I can't tell you how many times I go to get a medicine b/c I need it and I look at the bottle and it expired years ago. One had even expired like 9 years ago when I went to take it!!! I probably need to do this, but it's like task #101 on my list these days.

  2. Been there!!I finally have a small plastic basket under my bathroom sink (my children are older now) that contains all we need. If it doesn't fit in there we don't need it!Good luck with the junk drawers!!! I have two and I am really scared!

  3. Oh yeah. My hubs was so EMBARRASSED about my large plastic box of meds that he won't let me keep it in the bathroom. It's hidden, rather inconveneintly, in a dresser drawer. His family sees medication as a last resort. And they never go to the doctor. Mine rush to the ER with sniffles and run on tylenol. Opposites attract and all that.

  4. I did that when we left Alabama. The addicts that comb the Montgomery landfill had a hayday. I know it! (ok, not really, I disposed of them properly. I think…)

  5. Are you nesting?! haha!I went through mine the other day because my husband has been home from work with the flu and he was driving me nuts complaining about his symptoms (women are so much stronger) anyways came to the stool softener I had after my 3rd baby. I had to laugh.

  6. I did this a couple of weeks ago when Brennen and I had the flu. I was frustrated because I couldn't find the medicine I knew was in there. Found some Tylenol cold expired 2001. It's cleaned out now! The junkies at the trash center are very happy with me! 😉

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