Ramblin’ On…

So I was making those awesome Sloppy Joes that I twittered about that had so many drooling (OK maybe not, but they were pretty darn good)

ADD moment: By the way, MamaM, a Fry Daddy….totally worth it. It makes McD style nuggets/fries, corn dogs to die for and can rock the socks off a country fried steak. Sure, you are cooking in straight to your hips oil, but who the heck wants to die perfectly healthy?

Anyways, as I was cooking I glanced over at the calendar. I have each week of the pregnancy marked and was shocked to see just how close I have gotten. I did finally pick up 2 outfits for Baby Bigfoot on Friday, but I have nothing else. Seriously. We are talking about swaddling clothes and a emptied out clothing drawer for this kid. I took most everything I had for the other two girls to consignment to keep up with that darn thing that they keep doing. Growing.

So this weekend, in addition to the other 2,354,095 things I have to do; I plan on searching the attic for the bassinet, infant carrier and lost treasure in a creepy old trunk.

OK, so I don’t have a creepy old trunk in the attic, but I want one. I love the Antique Roadshow where you have that person who found a rolled up movie poster that is now worth 500K. I want to be that person. Really all that is in my attic is a bunch of boxes of clothes (minus the baby stuff I mentioned above) that have been rifled through and there are probably a few size 6 pants (ahhh…distant fond memories) hanging from the rafters where I threw them in frustration that they will never again see the light of day from being draped across my backside. Perhaps one day when I accept the inevitable, I will take these things to Goodwill to be draped across someone else’s size 6 patootie.

I am not good with acceptance.

The next track that the thought train went down (I think I can, I think I can…choo-choo) was what on earth are we going to do when I go in labor. Well, I suppose I know what I will do…


But, The Man…you see he works out of town quite a bit. Then there are the kids and they need that thing called “Supervision” (still haven’t figured out how to do that in everyday life) Then there is our side job that can not be called out of for any reason (even birth)

Panic began to set it. What if I go in labor and The Man is hours away from home….Who is going to do that “Supervision” thing with the girls….Who is going to hold my hand when I push….Should I set up a tent in the L&D room for my other kids…

What if…What if….

So now I have no fingernails left and about 78 new gray hairs. OK so the worry didn’t cause all 78 to crop up. Some of those are due to the kid and dog running through my paint pan. Oh yes they did.

I hope to have the answers to these questions soon (and an answer to Buzz’s question about where is the baby going to come out at)

That’s all the ramblin I am going to do for now…beside ramblin’ on to bed.


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5 replies

  1. I love the Antique Roadshow and my Fry Daddy!Things will all work out. I have enjoyed your posts. They keep me laughing. 🙂

  2. How sweet of you to give me an award!! Glad you're well.

  3. Wait, someone doesn't have a fry daddy? How are they living in a dark hole?haha! ❤

  4. Ha! Gotta love those questions! Hmmm…I may need to invest in this thing you call…”Fry Daddy”! They just always seem so messy to me…do you really not empty the oil everytime? Weird.

  5. Mama M.Most of the time when cooking french fries, tots, fried okra, tomatoes, jalapenos and the like; I do not empty my oil. I do strain it using cheesecloth. When I cook meat (you got to try country fried bacon) especially fish, I do change my grease because I do not want it to taste the other foods

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