Bunnies, Zebras, Clowns and Hookers

This morning was the Great Costume Hunt of ’09. (Procrastinate much?) I went toddling down the aisle (toddling sounds much better than waddling, doesn’t it?) Pretty much everything was picked through, but there was still a pretty good selection. I saw the cutest little zebra and clown costumes. Alas, they were all for infants. Regardless of how my 2 &3 yr old were acting, they didn’t qualify for infants in the size department. So I moved along to their size range.

“They” called it a Flapper and a Go-Go Girl costume. I (being much more sensible than “They”) called it a Hooker outfit. The 2 yr old on the outside of the package had on bright makeup, miniskirt and fishnet hose. The only thing missing was the pimp hanging out somewhere behind her. Seriously, who dresses up their little girls like this? We rant and scream about safety from pedophiles, yet think it’s cute to stick them in fishnet? The only time my girls should be in fishnet is if they are in the ocean and swim to close to a fishing boat getting tangled up alongside the dolphins.

I finally settled on a pack of bunny ears, a fluffy tail and white sweatshirt for them. I am sure they will make an adorable set of bunnies. Of course we could always get a little more creative and go with the fangs and a Monty Python “The Killer Rabbitof Caerbannog” theme. I am sure if they consume as much sugar as I fear, I will need a Holy Hand Grenade.

Belly seems to still be feeling a bit drained (she only ate 7 of her 10 chicken nuggets) but whatever fever plagued her last night appears to be gone.

I am signing off for a while in hopes to get some headway done with the painting of the house. At very least I plan on getting a nice enamel buzz, feigning a headache and watching DIY network. I am not being lazy, it’s research.


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4 replies

  1. I'm doing a kitten costume like that. Simple black sweat suit, ears and tail. Cute as can be and CHEAP!

  2. Amazing how they change a few words around and people will buy the hooker costumes. Love the DIY network although I haven't watched it in almost a year. Have fun!

  3. Agree with you on the fishnets!

  4. Yeah, I saw outfits like that out there by me, too. It's so hard to figure out Halloween costumes for little ones sometimes. And then you never know how hot or cold it will be out, so that doesn't help! 😉

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