Cake Zombies

My children are very much like the zombies portrayed in older movies; minus the gore of course. Not the new zombies that are fast, agile and cunning; but the ones that stumble around slowly, beat on doors/windows in slow motion, hold their arms out in front of them and moan about “brrraaaaiinnss” non-stop.

It seems that all day they follow me around chanting “juice, cookie, gummy, etc.” like little zombies. Yesterday was MIL’s birthday and I begged The Man to watch them so that I could run to the store alone to pick up the cake, but he could not do it for some reason. (Reason still unknown and unconfirmed) So I loaded up the zombies and headed to the store. As soon as they saw the white bakery box, the chanting started.

“caaaaakkkeeee caaaaakkkeee”

This continued for the next 2 hours until we made it to MIL’s house and handed her the cake. At first, she did not want to cut the cake because she wasn’t hungry and something about being almost 80 years old make you lose your childish joy of birthday cakes. Soon the chants became too loud and I cut the thing just to stop the noise.

Zombies appeased. For now.

In other news…

The days of Buzz swiping what she wants from Belly are over. I kept warning her that the day was coming that her little sister was going to start fighting back. Retribution Day is here. Belly has finally figured out that not only does she outweigh her big sister by a good 10 lbs, but that big sister is really a wus when it comes to confrontation. After much hair pulling, pummeling, screeching and some pinching, domianance is established. The “dominant one”? Me, with the sprayer from the sink; hosing them down like dogs. (Never get in the middle of a fight when biting is involved!) There is a new respect between sisters now and I doubt Buzz is going to tangle too much with her WWF little sister.

We have a busy weekend in front of us and Monday can’t come soon enough.
Toodles for now.

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  1. How'd that spray work?! My mom told me I should get a squirt gun to "spray" our littlest, who can be verbal, but prefers to shriek her desires…as loud as she can. Hmmmm…a little spray to stop it?!

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