5,259,478 minutes

5,259,478 minutes (give or take) is how many minutes have passed since I stood beside The Man and said “Do I”. Or was it “I Do”?

I think back about our vows and how we have tested and stretched each one of those to the limit and tried to understand what it really means.

Will you love her/him?

Seemed like a ridiculous question at the time we are holding hands making the puppy dog eyes at each other. Not so funny after a day of picking up after two kids, doing 5 loads of laundry, making dinner, ironing, dusting, mopping, entertaining the kids, going to the grocery store; just so he can walk in the door, throw his clothes on the floor and tell you that he really did not want meatloaf for dinner.

Comfort her/him?

I laughed to myself when repeating that one. Comfort that big bear of a man? That rock? HA! 10 years later, comfort I have done. Loss of jobs, child in the hospital, parents in failing health, etc. I have tried to learn how to comfort some one else when I am needing it too. I haven’t needed to pull him in my lap in the rocker yet, but my lap is open if he needs it.

Honor and keep her/him?

You mean I actually have to confirm that I will keep him and not toss him in the Husband Pound? Honor? That’s a tough one. I finally figured out (but not perfected) the act of honoring him. It means that when I have detail cleaned the entire house and am wiped out; he takes the small garbage bag to the trash can; I am to praise him as if he has slayed the dragon at my feet. Ahhh…my hero!

In sickness and in health

No brainer there. I had hoped against all hope that we would never have to do the sickness part, but it’s happened. I played Florence Nightingale several times to a puking big bear. Massive amounts of puke that never made it to the toilet that really made me consider that vow.

forsaking all others, faithfully keep to her/him alone

Why on earth would I ever consider another man, when I finally have this one 1/4th of the way trained. Come on, he takes out the trash, changes diapers (about 4 of them between 2 children and 3 years, not bad!) gives horsey rides to the kids, works his tail off, buys me sparkles every now and then and can give a mean foot massage!

So long as you both shall live?

Meaning: til you both have pot bellies, no or gray hair, wrinkles, flatulence control issues, meds on the nightstand next to the dentures, etc.

Do I? Heck yeah, I DO! It’s been an adventurous 10 years. Peppered with heartaches, spiced with practical jokes, stirred with joy and you are still my favorite dish!


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  1. Happy Anniversary! What a creative way of blogging about your day. I just sang happy anniversary to my husbsnd and I a couple weeks ago. Hope you have many, many more minutes to cherish together.

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