The clock is ticking

I have become obssessed with time lately, or rather the lack of time I have on my hands. I think most adults are, but to moms this becomes particurally important. I seek out products that promote time saving results. Some of the products that found their way in my shopping cart yesterday…

  • Maybelline Express Finish nail color that drys in 50 seconds. I used to buy the 60 second nail color, but when faced with the option of saving 10 seconds – I leaped at the opportunity.  10 seconds can really add up when you are trying to paint 3 sets of 20 nails.
  • 10 minute hair color. It never fails when I use the 30 minute stuff, somebody has some major life altering problem that has to be solved that will take a minimum of 45 minutes.
  • Presliced apple slices. Two kids screaming and pulling on my legs in the throes of starvation with me wielding a sharp knife = not going to be good.

I guess I have just gotten to the point that I realize that every minute second counts when you are trying to run a household. I mean am I really to good for instant mashed potatoes when my kids are the type to want them and want them RIGHT.NOW? I don’t fresh squeeze their apple juice every morning, I don’t think a little cup of powdered potato flakes is going to kill them. I have also learned that corn dogs in the microwave isn’t so bad either (I do draw the line at chicken nuggets in the microwave – n.a.s.t.y)

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want everything rushed. I want kisses, hugs, smiles, laughs and cuddles to last a little longer. I would have also appreciated if I had a little more time until both girls could reach on top of the counters and learn to open doors. I could stand a little more time until they learned how to tell me “No” and push me away. I need more time in between clothes and shoes having to be bought for the next bigger size (let’s at least get the tread worn off before we move up a size)

I guess I just really need more time for them to be little, to be kids; while I am freed up and have more time to enjoy every second of it. I can spend more time coloring with them and less time scrubbing, peeling, boiling, mashing potatoes for them to eat.

Categories: children, General Junk, home life

3 replies

  1. oh boy, could I use some extra time this week! so much to do to get ready for our 2 week vacation! and then I think of all that TIME on the airplanes that will. Loads of time! Too much time! ARGH!

  2. Once in a while we have rehydrated potato flakes here, too. Sometimes those minutes are worth giving up the fresh.

    Guess that birthday song was worse than I realized?

  3. Love the hat. My daughter never cut her own head of hair but she trimmed the cat almost bald once. You have a beautiful family. God bless and enjoy your evening.

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