Not Me, Monday

Once again I am joining in the fun that MckMama started with her “Not Me, Monday” Follow the button above to join in on the fun!

  1. I did NOT get into a tug-o-war with my 3 year old in Hobby Lobby over a box of make your own sun catchers clearly marked 8+ years. I did NOT stop the tug-o-war because I thought we could reason it out and make a more age appropriate choice in crafts. I did NOT just give in and let her keep the blankity blankity stupid box when the reasoning became too loud and I did not want to make a further scene about it. Therefore, I am NOT super proud of my beautiful multi-colored sun catcher butterfly that is hanging on my front door.butterfly
  2. While trying to clean all the beads off the floor from the above project and totally ignoring the dog’s needs (who was dancing crosslegged at the backdoor) I was NOT cleaning his pee off the kitchen floor as well when my husband walked in and I did NOT blame it on the smallest child rather than have him believe that the dog did it and him be banished to the outdoors for good for his first offense inside the house.
  3. Speaking of urine and all the things that can come from urine, I did NOT pee on a stick and get a positive leading me to lay awake the first night thinking more of the labor I have to go through again, the fact that I wil get perky breasts again for a little while, sleepless newborn nights rather than of the new life inside of me. I also did NOT certainly whisper a small prayer for one with a weenie and then correct myself to tell God when I said one with a weenie, I did not mean that I wanted more than one at this time, that I was not trying to be selfish I just want the baby to be healthy and then feel that my prayers were just getting silly and tell HIM that I was sorry and stopped before it got worse.
  4. I did NOT send my loud and annoying children to bed an hour early so that I could finish watching Prince Caspian by myself. I had the movie on for their enjoyment so I would NEVER take that away and get caught up in the movie myself.
  5. I did NOT stay up on the phone way past my bedtime talking to a friend last night being silly like we were in high school again and tell her that I had some chocolate cake that I was resisting eating. She did NOT bust me 30 minutes later for eating that cake when my munching was apparently so loud she could hear me over the phone.

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2 replies

  1. well congrats on the new little one. i will pray that you have a healthy baby *and that it is a BOY, but healthy comes first lol* i found you through mckmamas not me list and i hope that you are doing well and that you had a wonderful mother’s day.

  2. Psst. I could smell the chocolate cake 😛

    I love you. You are one(of very few) of the most amazing people and friends anyone could have .

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