August 16, 2008

Today has been an OK, alright, fine, good ……day. You know, one of those days that you find yourself with a self-inflicted, splitting headache caused from rolling your eyes, pleading with God for some kind of insight as to what it is going to take to make your kids happy. Yeah, one of those days. I would willingly pour salt in an open blister or use rubbing alcohol as eye drops in trade for one hour of no whining, screaming or bickering. They didn’t want to sleep last night, so in all my mommy wisdom I allowed them both to stay up until 1am watching movies and eating all sorts of insane energy inducing junk food. (You can put my Mommy of the Year Award back in the drawer, I won’t be needing it) Well, going with the theory of “every action causes a reaction” I am paying dearly for that today. After 10 hours of the acting out in ways that would cause Super Nanny to quit her job, I have got them both in bed and didn’t even give in to the temptation of getting out the restraints and gags. OK so maybe I do deserve that award after all.

Other than that, I have done nothing today. Not like I really could have done anything with two screaming kids hanging from my legs. I plan to heat me up a pizza (the dinner of tired moms) and watch some TV. Hopefully they will sleep off the cranks and we can have a good day tomorrow. Until then….

Categories: children, home life, infants, Toddlers

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