Febuary 11, 2007

Time passing is one of the things I hate most about being a mother. When you have no children you don’t seem consicous of the minutes and days that pass. You are always going through the TGIF and “just another Monday” You just try to struggle and hurry through the weeks. Always looking for a better moment, a better day. Once these little ones came in our lives, we started recording the days, weeks and months. Storing each moment, each memory. As we fill in the blanks in the baby book we become painfully aware that each milestone is irreplaceable and symbolizes time that is past. Milestones that are stepping stones to our babies growing up. Going from holding them in our arms with them being completely dependent on us, to holding their hands as they take those first steps with uncertain security, to finally watching them as they conquer their world all on their own. Each time she releases my hand in independence my heart aches, becoming painfully aware that each step away from me is its own milestone that one day will lead her to living her own life. Hoping the guidance and instruction I provide now, will last well into her adult years and she grows to be strong and sure of herself.

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