Febuary 9, 2007

Someone throw me a bible. Mine must have a typo. Seriously. There is no way that Noah got 2 of every single animal onto that ark.
Right before bedtime we have our ritual of picking up all of our toys and putting them in either the bookcase or the toybox. (Seriously, we do it together…for now she is young enough to think it is a fun game, we kiss them and tell them all night-night) It comes time to gather all of the Little People Noah’s Ark animals. Predictably there are two of each one and I can only find one of select animals, much like the socks I can never find. Once they are all accounted for, with the exception of one giraffe, one camel and the male lion, we put them in the ark and close the door. It is so stuffed full of animals the door pops completely off. That’ll never do in a 40 day-40 night flood. I try to put the door on again, no way is this sucker shutting. The child then pats my shoulder and shows me Noah and a trough of food. I tell her good luck if she can fit them in. She gives me that mischievous smile and places them on top of the ark, pats it and we put it on the shelf. All we are missing is a small bottle of wine to christen it.

She is feeling much better with her congestion, although her nose is so raw it has begun bleeding. How do you get them to understand to stop the bleeding they must tilt their bead back? Mom Lesson #21 – to stop a nosebleed on a toddler you must hold them upside down.

We are having a relaxation-feel-better day. We plan to watch Nemo and do chicken noodle shots everytime we hear the name Nemo.

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