Febuary 8, 2007

Who is stealing my time? Someone must be, because sometimes it feels as though I blink and time has jumped from me. Last night as we were working the child deceided that she wanted to follow Daddy around instead if shadowing me. He was a good distance away so she runs full speed behind him to catch up, yelling Da-da-da-da. He turned and waited on her. When she reached him she put her little hand up, held his and continued walking. I felt as though I was watching someone else’s home movies. Surely this isn’t my 14 month old. She is supposed to still be a baby, helpless and dependent. I continued watching their backs as they made their journey. His sure, confident stride and her, wanting so much to keep up, trying to match his steps and stumbling. He started slowing down so she didn’t struggle so much, then finally reached down and picked her up. Her relief was evident as she relaxed in his arms, leaned her head on his shoulder and just enjoyed being close to him.
It really made me think of our relationship with our Father. How many times have we been out there on our own and desired to be close and walk with Him. Like a child we struggle and stumble to match His footsteps. Trying so hard to be independent, to walk on our own. He tries to guide us in the right direction, but we just can’t keep up. It is not until we surrender and realize that we need help, that He reaches down to cradle us in His arms for the rest of the journey. There we feel loved, protected and comforted for the rest of the journey. He will allow us to remain there as long as we want, until we feel refreshed and ready to journey once again on our own feet. Then He will gently put us down and watch as we make our own steps and choices. All the time being in His careful watch, ready to pick us up again when we struggle, guide us in the right direction and never let us feel alone. Waiting, like a proud parent, for us to take His hand again, wanting us to feel that closeness.

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