Febuary 2, 2007

Feeling rotten! I don’t know what is wrong. I went to go lay down this morning for a little while. So first I take a bath, as I am sitting there the nausea begins rising. The water wasn’t too hot it had been an hour and a half since I ate. So I sit there and do the nose breathing. Nope, not working. So I quickly try to shave my armpits, begin with the heaving. Jump out, slip on the tile and bust my knee. Make it to the toilet just in time to produce a tee-tiney amount of upchuck (isn’t that word just disgusting?) Wasn’t worth my knee that is for sure. I got out and crawled to bed. Yes, literally crawled. I am doing it Neandrathal style. I get in bed, the room swirls a few times and off I go. Since I have woken up, there is no naseau but my knee is killing me.

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