Febuary 1, 2007

Well parts of the city look like the top of a cheap sugar cookie, barely sprinkled in white. This was our snow event. I can only assume that the great bubble of filth and smog that hangs over our city chased away the snow. I can’t blame it really, I mean don’t you want to keep your whites white? I scraped the few flakes that were stuck to a leaf and showed them to the child, trying to have excitement in my voice as I explained this is her first snow. She looked at it with great disdain, turned her head away and sighed like a 80 year old woman. Somehow I knew what she was thinking…we have more of this stuff in our deep freeze than this patheitc showing I see now. Maybe there is a ritual like the tooth fairy. You have to put ice cubes under your pillow and when you wake up there is a magical blanket of snow on your lawn. Perhaps we will try that before our morning nap.

The child now officially qualifies as an employee according to our state guidelines. While we were cleaning a building last night she kept following me around muttering momma and “keen” (translation: clean) So I figured what harm would it do and handed her a Swiffer duster (this is not an endorsement for the product, I simply had some clean ones handy) She proceeded to dust a bottom shelf of a bookcase for 10 minutes. She was very thorough with the whole 5 inches she was working on. Proud? Heck Yeah! Obviously she is too young for a bank account and couldn’t be trusted to not blow a whole paycheck on pacifiers and blocks (hardly investment material) so I gave her the next best thing to money. Something I knew she would treasure more than her sock monkey. Her very own styrofoam cup of ice water. Total bliss crossed her face. Not only did she receive ice cubes to hold giggling until they melt, water to cool her tired fingers with and quench her parched throat…but a styrofoam cup! Nothing is more revered than styrofoam. You can bite it, squash it and tear it into a million little pieces of heaven. She was satisfied with our settlement for her hard work and I now had more vacuuming to do.

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