January 15, 2007

OK…I am setting a record for the most boring posts in history of the Bug and I chronicles.

The lava lamp is now working. I am completely mesmerized. I have it in my office on my desk. Speaking of which, I now have the office totally set up. Feels good to be back in business. While trying to find my office stuff, I found a bunch of other stuff that I knew where it would go so I unpacked that as well.

The child has been a handful all day! Out of one thing and into ten. She is now loudly playing in her room while I catch up on my internet addiction and eat turnip greens and fried spam. The lunch of champions!

Our fridge seems to not be cooling well, D is trying to get a hold of the Maytag repair man (who is apparently out playing fetch with that darn dog and won’t answer the phone) It looks like we will have to buy a new one. Perhaps a sign from above to get that black side by side that I have been drooling over?

Still raining…I am lonely, someone entertain me. By entertain me, I don’t mean unroll all of the toilet paper, torment the dog, pull out all the artificial plants for landscaping the house, pull on my pants hollering “Momma”, pull a phone book’s pages out and eat them or eat a cardboard box just to see me freak out.

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