January 5, 2007

Bug is quickly becoming her old, cheerful self again. She is still clingy but I am hearing alot more laughs. We took our usual nap this morning and I woke up to rolling, from the gut laughter. I barely opened my eyes to see what she was up to, and discovered that she was crouching down on the bed and then jumping up to peek at herself in the mirror. What the heck, I thought I would give it a try. You know she is right…it is addicitve and extremely funny! Her new favorite thing to do is to stand on her chair that she got from Mimi and Poppy for Christmas and jump off into a pillow. I am currently redying my hair because of all the new silver. She is taking after mommy with her love of horses. She has a rocking horse that she will spend 30 minutes brushing before she “rides” All the while telling us how “suf” (translation – soft) he is. She has quite a few new words right now and her little pronuciations
are hilarious. Abble (Apple) Buggle (Bubble) Jeppa (Jesus) Moo-moo (Milk – we currently trying to find an acceptable word for this since she is now on Soy milk and not cow milk, but I have yet to figure out what sound a soybean makes.) Bubba
(Bubbles) Mup (me up) and the doozy…well I can’t type it. Let’s just say I
will no longer change her diaper and tell her she has a foul butt. It comes out really wrong and would make a sailor blush!

We are doing the final clean on the old house tonight. We don’t want to wait until next week and feel overwhelmed on doing it. So we are cleaning the carpet, cabinets, blinds and scrubbing the garage/laundry room floor. I am hoping maybe this will help Mr. Cranky. If it does not that look for a news story of a man being drowned in a mop bucket with a box crammed up his butt!

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