January 3, 2007

NEWS FLASH* Bug was seen by the new pedi and guess what he feels is wrong with her….milk allergy. The constant dirrehea, moodiness, sleeplessness, small rash that has just now appeared on her neck and chest. So we picked up some Soy Milk on the way home and we will see how that/if that improves anything.

More Bug stuff…she is still acting like a newborn. Up every 2 hours, 45 minutes of comforting. She is now nicknamed by family and friends as my “little piece of Velcro” If she is not in my arms, she is clinging to my legs. The only time she will part from me is in her room where she will play with her toys, but most of the time she has to bring them to me and sit in my lap to play with them. She is now riding her rocking horse. It was the stupid safety seat they had on it. She hated it. I took it off and let her ride like a big girl and she bounced and giggled all the way. I cut her nails this morning. We had laid down to take a nap and she just about knicked my jugular. She wouldn’t hold still so I put her in her booster seat with a piece of broccoli and she did just fine. I guess I just need to treat her like a spoiled woman at the spa. “More hor’doevers while I finish your right hand, Miss?” Then we took our bath (YES, we are still having to bathe together…Velcro is cute when it is wet!) and I let her streak for a while. I had never noticed but when she walks her butt cheeks jiggle. It is too cute!! Ohh….my funny little kid and her quirks! I was washing her favorite blue sippy today and gave her the red one. It is identical…she was not having it. I had to put the blue lid on before she would consider it. She doesn’t throw it like a normal toodler…she pushes it out of view and then turns her head all the way to the side, nose up in the air and closes her eyes, until the offensive red cup (or whatever she has an aversion to) has been removed from sight.

Me and Mr. Moody are eating out until we are moved. In his packing frenzy yesterday the dolt packed up all the spices/salt/pepper, knife set and who knows what else. I had to go play what is in box #2 to find Bug’s spoon and plate (once more my picky kid only eats with her stuff) *sigh again*

I am going to sigh myself to death pretty soon!

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