September 23, 2006

Reflection Day

Today D and I watched another movie (The Benchwarmers – Hilarious) and Bug was in her cuddle mood. She laid in my arms for about an hour being still and “talking” to me. It is gut wrenching to think that it has only been 9 months and she has grown this much. As she laid in my arms, I reflected back to our 1st night together. How I held her close and softly touched each part of her body in amazement of the perfection of her being. Listened to her soft cry that spoke to my heart, and felt drawn to this helpless little girl that needed me as much as I needed her. How she snapped me out of my little world and the selfishness that I had gained over the years. How she taught me the bonds of family are not just a gathering around the Christmas table. How she helped me to see my husband in a way I never dreamed possible, as he showed his tenderness and protectiveness. I looked into her beautiful, brown eyes and the world melted away. Gone was the sounds of the movie we were watching, gone the sounds of the outside world and the house. I felt a stillness and quietness in my soul that only she can give me. Her eyes heavy-lidded from drowsiness were filled with contentment and trust. And as she quietly fell asleep with her chin and hand on my breast, I felt an ache. The ache of her minutes passing by, knowing that they would continue to pass as my little girl grows and needs me less and less. But for a minute, just a minute, time stopped as I cradled this miracle that God has entrusted to me.

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2 replies

  1. I miss those days. The quiet ones that are full of touches and smells and sounds that only come from a tiny, brand-new baby! I hope grandbabies are as good as everyone says they are!

  2. Love your post.. That is how I felt with all my kids.

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