September 9, 2006

I had started a diary back in PW, but due to the time constraints of a baby sitting on my tailbone (And for some reason we both were not allowed to use the same bone) I could not sit down long enough to gather my thoughts. Not that I had many thoughts, baby, baby. So here I go again.

Life has been beyond rough lately. But somehow God keeps the blessings outweighing the negative. Boy, he sure is good like that!

Being Bug’s mother is more rewarding than I ever thought possible. And watching the love returned is overwhelming. These past few days as she is cutting tooth #3 she only wants momma. She pulls up on my pants and buries her face in my thigh. When I pick her up I get that sunshine smile and she pats my face. I get that big lump of love in my throat and can’t possibly hug her long enough. She is finally learning the word “No” which is great since I think she is destined to be an electrician when she grows up. She has major cord fascination. She got her first birthday invitation last night from her 8 yr old cousin. It made me cry…wonder why, boy, that was silly. He adores her and when they are together, they are inseparable. He carries her everywhere he goes and tries so hard to teach her things. Bug’s other cousin, 4 yr old girl, is a mean little girl that I do not trust. I have never said anything to Mikey but somehow he knows and will herd Bug away from her. Sometimes I trust him watching her more than myself.

Categories: children, home life, infants

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